Tuesday, June 19, 2012

New album for download - Krishna Gana Sabha - Dec 2011

25th December 2011 concert at Krishna Gana Sabha is now available for download at http://www.sanjaysub.com

The accompanists were MR Gopinath (violin), Patri Satish Kumar (mrudangam) & Bangalore Rajasekar (Morsing).

The list of songs are

1. Inta chala - Begada - Adi - Vina Kuppayyar
2. Venugana loluni - Kedaragowla - Rupakam - Tyagaraja
3. Sivachidambarame - Nagaswaravali - Adi - Muttu Tandavar
4. Nee madhi challaga - Anandabhairavi - Adi - Kavi Matrubhootayya
5. Ne pogada - Varali - K chapu - Tyagaraja
6. RTP - Sankarabharanam
7. Mannu pugazh - Ragamalika - Rupakam - Kulasekara Azhwar
8. Tillana - Khamas - Adi - Patnam Subramania Iyer

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Dec 2011 concert available for download

December 2011 Parthasarathy Sabha concert held on 19/12/11 is now available for download at http://www.sanjaysub.com

The accompanists are S Varadarajan - Violin, Neyveli B Venkatesh - Mrudangam & Alathur T Rajaganesh - Khanjira.

List of songs

1. Varnam - Viriboni - Bhairavi
2. Re re manasa - Natta - Rupakam - Cheyyur Chengalvaraya sastri
3. Sri ramam - Narayanagowla - Adi - Muttusvami Dikshitar 
4. Nannu vidachi - Reetigowla - M chapu - Tyagaraja
5. Jagadeeswari - Mohanam - Adi - Tiruvarur Ramaswamy Pillai
6. Vara raga laya - Senchu kambhoji - Adi - Tyagaraja
7. Ragam tana pallavi - Simhendramadhyamam - Rupakam (2 kalai)
8. He govinda he gopala - Madhuvanti - Rupakam - Surdas
9. Theertha karayinile & Payum oli - Khamaj - Tisra gati - Subramanya Bharati

More concerts will be added in the coming weeks.

Monday, June 11, 2012

sanjaysub.com - Mobile optimised

It's been a few months since the official launch of sanjaysub.com - a site exclusively dedicated to making available downloadable music. In continuation with harnessing the power of technology, the website has now been completely mobile optimized. This is the first time that a music based website in India gives the same user experience on the smartphone as that can be seen on a desktop/laptop environment.  Users who have already downloaded the Sanjay Subrahmanyan Mobile App should be able to access the mobile optimised site when they click on the "Buy" button under the "Music" menu option on the app. The list of albums visible under this button directly link to the content available on sanjaysub.com. You can also preview songs directly on the smartphone as the audio is streamed from the server.

So far the initial response to sanjaysub.com has been most encouraging. If you have not done so please do check out http://www.sanjaysub.com and let us know how the experience has been . If you have not downloaded the mobile app it is available at the following link


Monday, June 4, 2012


Many years back when I was learning up songs of GNB my Guru taught me Nee valayinche in the ragam Chayaranjani. This song was not in print at that time and he had taken it down during the course of his association with GNB. Chayaranjani follows the following scale - S G M P N S / S N D P M G S in the 45th (Subhapantuvarali) mela. This is an interesting ragam that was supposed to be a creation of GNB. My personal take on this ragam is that he must have been inspired by the North Indian raag Multani which follows the scale of S G M P N S / S N D P M G R S in the same 45th mela. However in usage the rishabham is not stressed upon and glides directly into the shadjam without any elongation. This minimal Ri use has been dispensed with to create the beautiful ragam Chayaranjani.

I had sung an RTP in Chayaranjani in Krishna Gana Sabha in December 2008. This concert is now available for download at http://www.sanjaysub.com

Friday, June 1, 2012

Defending modern music in 1843

"Contemporary music is important. Don't listen to oafs who seek to dismiss it. They do that in all ages, and they prove nothing other than that they are fools or small-minded, narrow thinking bigots. Modern music has its place, an important place, and we are now in the age of musical heroism." (Josef Proksch to his celebrated pupil Czech composer Bedrich Smetana)

Across generations and centuries the debate will always continue!